5 Best Learning Gifts for Kids

Learning mixed with fun? This is every parents wish for their kids. Ivf you are looking to gift you kid with a present that will both be fun and encourage learning, here are a few suggestions for you:



This is a 3-piece wooden puzzle with which you get to introduce your little one to the many wonders of nature. With this toy also, you get to immerse your child to learning shapes such as circle, triangle and rectangle. Also develop your child’s hand-eye co-ordination as they match the picture pieces. All these pieces have a water-based, non-toxic finish hence safe for your little one.



Keep your kid involved with this game featuring 14 features essential for teaching your kid the skill of pressing, turning and twisting buttons. With this, your baby will have fun and at the same time learn and develop their senses.

Leapfrog: shapes picnic basket


This is a talking picnic basket, perfect for teaching your child manners, colors and shapes. The game comes with fun accompanying sound effects and songs. With the stacking, matching and sorting activities, your kid will all develop on motor skills. Stimulate your kid’s imagination with the included two cups, two forks, two plates, six food items, one basket and one blanket.


This is a board game that involves the blunder family. As your kid plays, they develop the skill of communication and cooperation. In addition, this is a perfect avenue for your kid to learn manners.

Tapefitti Fashion design challenge

Is your kid a fashion enthusiast? If yes, this is the perfect game for fun and at the same time bringing out the young designer in your little angel. This game involves the use of tape to measure and design outfits. Not only will your kid immerse in fashion design, this is also a perfect avenue for developing their visual-spacial and math skills.